How to Install Tier1 Water Softener System

How to Install Tier1 Water Softener System

This video provides instruction on how to properly install your Tier1 Water Softener System.

Use this video as your step-by-step installation guide for any of Tier1’s Water Softener Systems.

Key Moments:
0:16 – Important Reminders
2:10 – Before Installation Checklist
2:36 – Step 1: Attach Control Valve To Resin Tank
3:30 – Step 2:Connect Bypass Valve to Control Valve
4:16 – Step 3: Connect Brine Line To Brine Tank
5:27 – Step 4: Connect Brine Line To Control Valve
5:50 – Step 5: Connect Drain Line To Control Valve
6:47 – Step 6: Connect Overflow Drain Line To Brine Tank
7:06 – Step 7: Connect Inlet Elbow Connector To Home Water Supply
7:34 – Step 8: Connect Outlet Elbow Connector To Home Plumbing
8:05 – Step 9: Flush Water Line and Program Control Valve Before First Use
8:38 – Connect Power Cord Plugs to Control Valve and Bypass Valve
10:10 – Add Salt To Brine Tank

The Advanced Series Water Softener by Tier1 alleviates dry skin, hair, and scale in pipes due to hard water. The Tier1 Advanced Series WS-165-150-BLK features ceramic disk technology and an easy-to-use digital automatic bypass control valve with an LCD display. Quick connect fittings on the brine line, drain line, and included power cord, make for a fast and easy installation. This is one of Tier1’s premium traditional water softening solutions for your hard water problems.

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