September 29, 2023

How to Install Tier 1 Salt Free Water Softener System

How to Install Tier 1 Salt Free Water Softener System

Learn how to install your Tier1 Salt Free Water Softener System with our easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

Use this video as your step-by-step installation guide for any of Tier1’s Salt-Free Water Softener Systems.

Key Moments:
0:16 – Important Reminders
2:16 – Check System Fitting
2:30 – Pre-Installation Measures and Instructions
2:41 – List of Tools Required
2:51 – Unpacking and Accounting of Parts
3:56 – Step 1: Attach Housing Mounting Bracket
4:20 – Step 2: Attach Sediment Filter Housing
4:52 – Step 3: Connect Pre-Filter Head Adaptors
5:11 – Step 4: Connect Tank Head Adaptors to Media Tank
5:47 – Step 5: Attach Flex Connector (Do Not Apply Teflon Tape to Flex Connector)
6:10 – Step 6: Attach Ball Valve
6:28 – Step 7: Attach System to the Home Pluming
6:33 – Review System Set Up
6:48 – Turn System Pluming On
7:20 – First 30-90 Days Guidance

Tier1 Eco Series Whole House Systems provide clean, great-tasting water while reducing scale build-up throughout your home’s plumbing. System components can be customized, ensuring the filtration meets your specific needs. Depending on your selections, the unique design features stages of powerful filtration, including sediment reduction, carbon and KDF filtration, and salt-free softening. Systems are easy to install and maintain, ensuring clean water throughout your home is effortless with Tier1 Whole House Systems.

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