September 29, 2023

Turboant Thunder T1 E-Bike Review

Turboant Thunder T1 E-Bike Review

Check out the Turboant Thunder T1 E-Bike Here
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The Thunder T1 E-Bike Includes:
-Bike Up To 60 Miles Super Long Range On A Single Battery Charge
-Powerful Brushless Motor 750W: Quick acceleration to a maximum speed of 28 mph (with pedal assistance)
-Safe throttle lock button
-LCD display provides speed, mileage, power, etc information.
-Comes 90% pre-assembled
-A USB charging port on the right side of the battery
-Sturdy 26 x 4-inch all-terrain fat tires
-Hydraulic Front Fork Shock Absorber: 1) 3.1-inch shock absorption range 2) Adjustable for different rider weights 3)Smooth riding on all terrain types
-Three Riding Modes : 1) Pedaling-only (Shimano 7-speed) 2) Pedaling with power assistance (5 levels) 3)Throttle-only (20 mph max)
-Fast and free shipping within the US

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