Best Air Purifier – Check out this new Technology for 2019

Best Air Purifier - Check out this new Technology for 2019 .
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Did you know that every hour you’re breathing in 60 billion particles? that includes pollen, car pollution, dead skin cells, dust, hair, bacteria, viruses radiation, mold, and more. And all of these are attacking your immune system bringing allergies, asthma, colds, flu, and fatigue. and until now the best air purifiers only use two to three of the nine available air purifier technologies. Until the alive air purifier with nine technologies it includes HEPA air purifier for allergies pollen and mold. Carbon for asthma and odors UV to kill germs, tio2 to kill viruses, a pre-filter for hair and dust, a negative ion generator, which brings more energy to the body and helped you sleep better. Electrostatic for pollution, and odor sensors which detect odor dust and pollen and allows the air purifier to adjust to the needs of the room. and an auto detect sensor to save energy. that brings you nine ways to cleaner air purifier and includes a five-year warranty, washable filters. it’s easy to clean and covers 840 square feet and includes a quiet sleep mode giving you air that’s really, really clean – which in turn brings better mental focus and helps you sleep better. Check out the new 9 stage alive air purifier – it’s on sale for $297 seven dollars. It’ll help you breathe better, think better, sleep better, and give you more energy with the alive air purifier . Better air for better living.